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Germano Di Mattia is an Italian actor, director, singer, author and writer.

After his childhood in South America, he was professionally trained in Italy, and his career as an actor and singer began, reaching a great popularity in television series and films, and later takes up cinematography and film production. After experiencing TV as a director and author of television formats, he was nominated as filmmaker at festivals and he twice won at the Salento International Film Festival with documentary films: “Valigie di cartone. The italian dream” in 2005 and “Secretum Secretorum. The celestinian code”. In 2009, he won at Flaiano Award for Abruzzo, and in 2005 he won the Emigration Award.

He directed and produced films: “The Legend of Lake Fucino” and “Once Upon A Lake Fucino”, a feature film and a documentary, to discover ancient stories, especially the ones linked to the sacred female. Also “The Celestinian code” on Celestino V’s story, and “The mystery of the Eagle”, about the city of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, ending the shooting a week before the earthquake in April 6th, 2009, and obtaining numerous awards for these works by audience and critics. These works have also English and French versions. He has been working for a few years with a large-scale company in Rome, he was a consultant for a cinema and tv production, a tour operator in Canada and for a big American publishing house for the development of spiritual potential, collaborating with no-profit organizations in Peru and Africa.

As a director and author, in 2017, he finally completed the documentary film “La via dell’ Angelo” which tells the initiatory journey and the encounter with Michael the Archangel in the most famous locations, those of the ley lines of energy starting from Cornwall, passing through Normandy and Piemonte, then through Puglia and Greece up to Jerusalem. He is now making an English version “In The Sign of the Angel” with the participation of two English writers: Craig Warwick and Lorna Byrne.

At the same time, he works to end the production of the film “La profecìa del Águila y del Cóndor”, an international production inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of books and by his personal friendship with the Peruvian writer Hernan Huarache Mamani. The film avails the presence of shamans and healers from all over the world: from the Dineè Navajo Indians, to the South African Bushmen, to the great healers of the Russian school and to the great French writer Anne Givaudan.
Germano Di Mattia follows a free and independent professional path with the aim of bringing ancient and modern truths to light, through all his artistic activities (with an independent approach and in harmony with the idea of ​​art as divine sense of the Beauty and as a supreme good to protect). He is attentive to art as an expression of the beauty of spirit, to exhort the evolution of consciousness, which should be the ultimate mission of every sincere artist.

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