Terra Celestia is a cultural association founded in December 2016. Terra Celestia is specialized in the creation of books, documentaries, music, videoclips and audio tracks in the field of spiritual and holistic research, anthropology, history, mysteries, personal growth, wellness and health and integrated medicines.
The event team organizes projections, debates, conferences, seminars, training, in order to promote consciousness and open up to new frontiers of knowledge. We have the dream of bringing art and beauty to the audience, collecting the best ideas to turn them into successful editorial projects. Artwork channeled through our celestial messengers who can induce and contribute, through a process of transmutation, to create the Celestial Earth, to reach the new heavens and the new land of Heavenly Jerusalem made of New Humanity.

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Terra Celestia was born when the founding members had the vision to create a community of people willing to evolve through personal growth and to improve their lives. In the the book of Genesis which opens the Jewish and Christian Bible, it is said that God pour out his own light in order to create everything. God said: “Be the light!” And the light was. Now we know at the basis of the creation of the cosmos there is only light, informed photon light. Even the human body is made of light. When God placed man at the center of the cosmos, he placed him as a king, as a creature made in image and likeness of God: man is actually co-creator with God. God put him at the center of creation to made him grow in beauty. Throughout the Bible, God continues promising that there will be new heavens and a new earth, but new heavens and new earth will not come down thanks to a magic wand. The story of the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor tells us that Jesus’ face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light. That means that man can transfigure his body and can also transfigure creation. For this reason the new heavens and the new earth will be gradually created by the men and women transfigured in God’s image.
In Terra Celestia’s logo you can see two angels, Metatron and Sandalphon, holding in their hands a golden city and getting it down on earth. Metatron is a very important angel, present in rabbinic Judaism, in the cabbal, and in coptic Christianity. Originally Metatron was not an angel; he is the Enoch patriarch who did not die but was taken into heaven, as evidenced by the book of Genesis (5:24): “Enoch walked with God, then he disappeared, for God took him.” Even the Angel Sandalphon is actually the prophet Elijah, who did not die but was taken to the sky by a chariot.
In Hebrew literature they are described as angels who are twin brothers, since they became angels after being just men who, for their holiness, did not die but ascended directly to God. This means that these two men had already completely transfigured their body, a celestial and terrestrial body together: they are two men who have accomplished the mission of lowering the sky on earth, transfiguring their body which could thus not suffer corruption or death.
In his dream, Jacob saw a ladder leaning on the earth, its top reached the sky: God was at the top of the ladder, and the angels of God went up and down on it. This means that all divine properties can descend on earth and come to man, and from man the love and the light of gratitude return to God as a continuous stream. God makes his blessing, his holiness and his healing light continually descend on earth, lifting us up and enlightening us; the men so sanctified become the pillars of the world, those who bring down on earth the heavenly Jerusalem, described in the Apocalypse, the golden city where only love, justice, peace, beauty, abundance, fertility, healing, singing, dancing, bliss, joy, and exultation rule.
World famous experiments on water’s memory, researched by so many scientists and Nobel prizes, show that all creation is sensitive to the evil and good energies coming from the human heart: it’s the energy of man which turns the Earth either into an unkempt chaos or in a perfect beauty, reflecting the beauty of God.
This is the mission of man at the center of Cosmos, and this is the mission Terra Celestia intends to accomplish.