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“In the sign of the Angel” is a documentary film but it’s mainly a message for the soul, an initiatory journey from Cornwall to Puglia, on the millenary route of the Angel’s path, the most important sacred line in the World! This film reinterprets the historical memory of the cult of St. Michael the Archangel in Europe, made of spirituality, history, literature and art, so that his message can go straight to the heart. For the first time and in one work, all the European locations of San Michele ley lines: Monte Sant’Angelo (Puglia), San Michele (Piemonte), Le Mont Saint Michel (Normandy), St Michael’s Mount (Cornwall). The film guides the audience to reflection, for a deeper collective consciousness. Through information and precious interviews, it shows a different vision of reality, based on the teaching of celestial messengers, which will help people express a new humanity, in this great purification taking place on planet Earth. The flying images, made with drones, lift us from the ground to the sky, as in the process of spiritualization of matter along the path of this line of light, through powerful energy sites where we can soar and accomplish that human and spiritual journey, necessary to recover our brightest dimension.